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360° Mongolia is a collection of extraordinary bespoke experiences in Mongolia, designed by Nomadic Journeys. Established in 1993 Nomadic Journeys is widely recognized as Mongolia’s sustainable tourism pioneer.

We have a unique approach to travel in Mongolia focussed on the places where we develop long term partnerships with local communities and conservation initiatives.

What Makes Us Special

  • 20+ years of experience in Mongolia
  • Our own network of small private ger camps located in Mongolia’s most unique and pristine places.
  • Relationships with people and places that give extraordinary experiences and insights.
  • We have established several private airstrips allowing direct Cessna flights to and between many of our remote camps.
  • Making positive impacts for communities and conservation through genuine sustainable tourism is at the core of what we do.

We would love to tailor a private custom trip to Mongolia for you

The Itineraries

The West

Altai Mountains, Great Lakes and Dunes

  • Mongolia’s most diverse landscapes and cultures
  • Kazakh Eagle Hunters, Western Mongols, Tuvan Shaman
  • Sand dunes, Saltwater and Freshwater Lakes, The Altai Mountains
  • Saiga Antelopes, Takhi Wild Horses, Snow Leopards
  • Five star camping at our private camps

The East Gobi

Ikh Nart Nature Reserve

  • Watch Argali Sheep and Ibex from horse-back
  • Explore the maze of rock formations
  • Take the local train on the Trans-Siberian railway
  • Travel by camel cart to our private camp deep in the reserve
  • Discover history in the landscape: Balbal lines, ancient graves, petroglyphs
  • Enjoy sunset around the campfire

The Khentii Wilderness

Private Camp Experience

  • An accessible and very unique wilderness experience
  • Travel with yak-carts to our private wilderness camp
  • Enjoy the wildflower meadows along the Tuul River
  • Hike or horse-ride to majestic views
  • Experience a sense  of wilderness on the edge of the Siberian Taiga

The Khentii Wilderness

Wilderness Horse Ride

  • A horse ride along the southern edge of the Khan Khentii wilderness in our unique and comfortable travel style
  • Enjoy days in the saddle and cozy gers with beds at night
  • Ride through open steppe, ridge rides, woodland trails on sturdy and forward-going Mongolian horses
  • Visit the Princess Temple ruins deep in the forest

The Eastern Steppes

Mongolia’s Wild East

  • Encounter herds of gazelles as we cross the endless ocean of grass
  • Explore Genghis Khan’s birthplace, and the royal burials at Öglögchiin Herem
  • Search for Argali and Ibex at Ikh Nart Nature Reserve
  • Enjoy bird watching, especially the rare and beautiful Cranes
  • Get to know our local Buryat Mongol hosts

The River Camps

Float Trip and Riverside Camps

  • Float through awe-inspiring scenery
  • Stay at comfortable riverside ger camps each night
  • Hike to scenic look-outs above the river
  • Enjoy star-lit evenings around the campfire

OUR 360° Trip Style

On all our journeys you will stay at our private 360° ger camps.

At our camps you will sleep in a traditional Mongolian ger, simply but stylishly decorated with colorful Mongolian crafts, furnished with cot beds and full bedding.

You will dine in a separate dining ger, or traditional Mongolian marquee style tent. Compost style toilets, and a safari style shower are also set up in traditional Mongolian tents.

Our camp entourage always includes skilled cooks and a camp host or hostess. On relocation days the entire camp can be dismantled, packed onto our support vehicle, and set up again in the new location.

The camp locations are carefully chosen with uninterrupted 360° views of pristine landscapes, situated nearby one of our local host families and herder communities. Occasionally we will also make use of the best tourist ger camps and lodges in the region.

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