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360° Mongolia is a collection of extraordinary bespoke experiences in Mongolia, designed by Nomadic Journeys. Established in 1993 Nomadic Journeys is widely recognized as Mongolia’s sustainable tourism pioneer.

We have a unique approach to travel in Mongolia focussed on the places where we develop long term partnerships with local communities and conservation initiatives.

What Makes Us Special

  • 20+ years of experience in Mongolia
  • Our own network of small private ger camps located in Mongolia’s most unique and pristine places.
  • Relationships with people and places that give extraordinary experiences and insights.
  • We have established several private airstrips allowing direct Cessna flights to and between many of our remote camps.
  • Making positive impacts for communities and conservation through genuine sustainable tourism is at the core of what we do.

We would love to tailor a private custom trip to Mongolia for you

The Itineraries

The West

Altai Mountains, Great Lakes and Dunes

  • Mongolia’s most diverse landscapes and cultures
  • Kazakh Eagle Hunters, Western Mongols,
  • The West Gobi with largest sand dunes, saltwater, and freshwater lakes,
  • The Altai Mountains, eternally snow-capped mountains,
  • Saiga Antelopes, Snow Leopards, Argali Sheep, Siberian Ibex
  • Five-star camping at our private mobile camps

The East Gobi

Ikh Nart Nature Reserve

  • Watch Argali Sheep and Ibex from horse-back
  • Explore the maze of rock formations
  • Travel by camel cart to our private camp deep in the reserve
  • Discover history in the landscape: Balbal lines, ancient graves, petroglyphs
  • Enjoy sunset around the campfire

The Khentii Wilderness

Private Camp Experience

  • An accessible and very unique wilderness experience
  • Travel with yak-carts to our private wilderness camp
  • Enjoy the wildflower meadows along the Tuul River
  • Hike or horse-ride to majestic views
  • Experience a sense  of wilderness on the edge of the Siberian Taiga

The Khentii Wilderness

Wilderness Horse Ride

  • A horse ride along the southern edge of the Khan Khentii wilderness in our unique and comfortable travel style
  • Enjoy days in the saddle and cozy gers with beds at night
  • Ride through open steppe, ridge rides, woodland trails on sturdy and forward-going Mongolian horses
  • Visit the Princess Temple ruins deep in the forest

The Eastern Steppes

Mongolia’s Wild East

  • Encounter herds of Mongolian Gazelles as we cross the endless ocean of grass
  • Explore Genghis Khan’s birthplace, and the royal burials at Öglögchiin Herem
  • Search for Argali Sheep and Ibex at Ikh Nart Nature Reserve
  • Enjoy bird watching, especially the rare and beautiful Cranes
  • Get to know our local Buryat Mongol hosts

The River Camps

Float Trip and Riverside Camps

  • Float through awe-inspiring scenery
  • Stay at comfortable riverside ger camps each night
  • Hike to scenic look-outs above the river
  • Enjoy star-lit evenings around the campfire

OUR 360° Trip Style

On all our journeys you will stay at our private 360° ger camps.

Our camps are mobile.  They are collapsible five-star pop-up camps.  Why it deploys to anywhere in Mongolia.   We can load your private stylish ger camp on to a truck or on to a caravan of yak or camel carts.  The camp sites are carefully chosen, with 360° landscape views.  Next to a nomadic family or anywhere in the great Mongolian void.  You may move on foot, on camel or horseback, through the landscapes with the camp folded. Minimum stay is 2 overnights for each place, for max 6 guest’s. You will sleep in a traditional Mongolian ger, simply but stylishly decorated with colourful Mongolian crafts, furnished with proper beds and full bedding.  Enjoy a private 360 degrees landscape view!

You will dine in a separate dining ger or traditional Mongolian marquee style tent. Compost style toilets and a safari style shower are also set up in traditional Mongolian tents.

Our camp entourage always includes a skilled cook and a camp master. On relocation days the entire camp can be dismantled, packed onto our support vehicle, or loaded on to a caravan of yak or camel carts.  Set up again in the new location.

Occasionally – if at all available – we will also make use of the best tourist ger camps and lodges in the region.

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