The Khentii

Wilderness Horse Ride

A horse ride along the southern edge of the Khan Khentii wilderness in our unique and comfortable travel style.

Each night we stay in our mobile private 360°camp consisting of cozy gers, furnished with cot beds complete with full linens and heated by wood stoves.

PRICE              On request

SEASON          June to September

TRIP TYPE      Horse Trail Ride

ACCOMMODATION     Private 360° Camps and Jalman Meadows

ACTIVITIES                    Horse Riding

DURATION                     9 days ex-Ulaanbaatar

This horse riding trail journey takes us through the scenic interior of Gorkhi Terelj National Park, and into the wilds of the Khan Khentii Special Protected Area.

Here the landscapes transition from steppe to forest, creating a beautiful hilly landscape of wildflower meadows, larch and birch woodlands, offering wonderful riding each day.

A short drive from Ulaanbaatar takes us to the trail head on the Upper Tuul river where we meet our crew, mostly local herders who are adept horsemen. The camp will be set up ready for the next two nights. After a day ride from this base camp, the crew pack the gers and our entire outfit onto yak carts to move to our next camp. We will spend two nights in each location, riding out each day on large loop. On relocation days we ride a longer scenic route while the caravan goes directly to the new camp.

We would love to tailor a custom trip to Mongolia and the Khan Khentii for you

The details

Suggested Itinerary

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1-2

To Bosog Meadows

Its just a 3 hour drive out of Ulaanbaatar to the trail head at Bosog Meadows on the edge of the Khan Khentii Wilderness. Here we meet the crew with the yak carts and horses. The camp will be already set up with our comfortable gers. We’ll spend the first two nights here, enjoying a day ride along the valleys and ridges of the Tuul River.

Day 3-4

Baruun Bayan Valley and Gunjin Sum

The entire camp is packed on to the yak-cart caravan and transported north to the Baruun Bayan valley, in the foothills of the Khentii Mountains. The riders will take a longer scenic detour while the yak caravan takes the most direct route. The following day we ride out from this new location to visit Gunjin Sum, a ruined temple hidden in the forest

Day 5-6

Zuun Bayan Valley

Camp relocates for the final time. We’ll separate from the yak cart caravan early on to enjoy some ridge rides. Here in the transition zone from steppe to forest, the south facing slopes are bare grassland and flowers, while the north sloped are thickly wooded with larch and pines. The second day we take a full day ride up to the tree-line of the Khentii Mountains for spectacular views.

Day 7-8

To Jalman Meadows

We say good bye to the herders and their yak cart caravan, and head on horse back to the Sharbulag Valley, crossing the uppermost parts of the Tuul River. We reach Nomadic Journeys Ger Camp at Jalman Meadows mid afternoon. We spend the last two nights here giving you final ride or time to simply relax. We will set up a sauna in a ger by the river side: you can help out and learn how to build the ger.

Day 9

Return to Ulaanbaatar

We’ll drive back into Ulaanbaatar and check into your hotel, it is possible to detour to see the Equestrian Statue of Chinggis Khan on the way. The next day is onward travel, or you might like to combine this ride with one of our other experiences such as the East Gobi.

Adventure Level

Adventure Level

Trip Style: This is a unique horse riding experience in Mongolia in that you sleep every night in a comfortable ger. In addition to the bedroom gers, there will be a traditional Mongolia marque tent for dining, and smaller tents for the hot shower and compost-style toilet.

It is an outdoors wilderness experiences but with some added comforts. We can even take a few bottles of wine.

The horse riding: Mongolian horses are relatively short in stature, but more than make up for it in their hardiness and endurance. They spending the winters foraging for themselves, only corralled at night for some protection form wolves.

Our guides and wranglers will match you with a horse to suit your abilities: usually the herders will pick out a nomhun mor which loosely translates as a forward going horse, that wants to go, but that will respond to leg and rein. These horses are neck reined, and are used to a firm boss.

Our saddles are locally made, based on the Russian-cavalry style, with a few Mongolian touches and a thick wool stuffed leather seat pad, the are very serviceable and well suited to the horses, terrain, and bottoms.


What’s Included


  • All overnight accommodation outside of Ulaanbaatar.
  • All transport and activities as per itinerary.
  • All meals outside Ulaanbaatar.
  • Camp entourage including cook and guide.
  • National Park entry fee.

Not Included

  • Air or train tickets to/from Mongolia.
  • Hotels in Ulaanbaatar.
  • Laundry.
  • Visas.
Optional Extras

Customization Options

Its is possible to combine this trip with any of our other custimizable itineraries.  We suggest our East Gobi experience at Ikh Nart as a great add-on to this ride.

For horse-riders at Ikh Nart one of the highlights is viewing Argali and Ibex from horse back, as the animals are not nervous of horses.  One of the closest things to a horse-back safari experience ouitside of Africa.

Ulaanbaatar Arrangements

Our trips can be customized and combined in a modular fashion. Your stay in Ulaanbaatar will be quoted separately, allowing you the choice of hotels and experiences matching your entries and exits in our capital.

All Ulaanbaatar packages include:

  • private chauffeur service to and from the airport at the start and end of your trip;
  • city guide and private driver available as required;
  • the services of our Ulaanbaatar guest relations team;

Khan Khentii Wilderness Experience

You might also be interested in our Khentii Wilderness Experience.

This is an accessible and very unique wilderness experience.  Traveling by yak cart caravan into the wilds on the edge of the Siberian Taiga.   Enjoy your own private camp, sleeping in cozy Mongolian gers, in a wild 360° landscape.

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Jalman Meadows Ger Camp

On this trip we spend the last night at Nomadic Journeys’ Jalman Meadows Ger Camp. This is a well-appointed low impact ger camp with no permanent structures.  

Bedrooms, dining room, and even hot shower are all housed in traditional Mongolian gers.  At the end of the season the camp is fully dismantled for the winter, and re-erected the following spring.

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