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360° Mongolia is a collection of extraordinary bespoke experiences in Mongolia, designed by Nomadic Journeys. Established in 1993 Nomadic Journeys is widely recognized as Mongolia’s sustainable tourism pioneer.

Our approach to travel in Mongolia has always focussed on the places where we develop long term partnerships with local communities and conservation initiatives. These favorite places have what can only be described as 360° landscapes with unspoiled views in every direction – an immersive experience in another world.

To visit these remote locations in comfort and style we have developed a unique travel philosophy utilizing small mobile private camps, comprising of well appointed traditional Mongolian gers.

Nomadic Journeys was founded in 1993 by Jan Wigsten and Enkhtaivan with a vision to open up a totally new frontier for global ecotourism.  Today Nomadic Journeys is widely recognised as one of Mongolia’s leading sustainable tourism pioneers.

360 degree Mongolia

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